Special Notes for our YouTube Downloader Windows Client

First of all, thank you guys who have started using our YouTube Downloader Windows Client, especially those who have shared with us your feedbacks/recommendations and those who have feed us a digital pizza. We appreciate your kindness a lot; however, there are a few questions have been asked from our users quite a few times and here I would like to clarify them.

Q Is the Windows Client superior than our web page based downloader?
A No, they are designed for different user scenarios and neither is absolutely better than the other. For example, the web page based downloader is better in platform compatibility. It can run on Windows, Linux, Apple OSX, Chrome OS, as long as there is a modern browser available. But the Windows Client can only run on a Microsoft Windows PC, as its name indicates. So to you two dudes who asked me how can you get the Windows Client work on your Macs, the answer is No Way. And some of you have really impressed me by donating us the digital Pizza even before you get the tool working. It's awesome, my friend! But if you don't have a plan to buy a Windows PC in the near future and if you want to take the pizza back, please let us know. We can refund your donation as long as it is still allowed by PayPal.

Q If Windows Client is not better than the web page based downloader, why do you develop it then?
A The answer is, it is better, for the scenarios it is designed for. There are many advantages if you are using the Windows Client, but the major two are:
   1) Speed!The Windows Client is able to communicate the fastest backend server dynamically based on the server load or your physical location, e.g. if you are in Boston, it will connect to a server in East Coast, USA; while if you are in Asia, it will connect to a server in Hong Kong. We have received many complains about the slowness of our web page based downloader, and the Windows Client will definitely do a better job for this. It's hard to add this functionality to the web page based downloader because of the limitation of making cross-domain AJAX calls.
   2) The Windows Client is more powerful. For example, you can set the folder to store your video instead of using the default one chosen by your browser; you can also download the video from the URL instead of copying the HTML source. And we've got many fantastic features planned for our future releases of our tools and most of them can only be done with the Windows Client.

In general, our YouTube Downloader Windows Client is indeed better than the web page based downloader. Just download it and try yourself.

And as always, please feel free to let us know if you have any user feedback,technical questions or feature suggestions. We are always behind the Contact Us page.

April, 2014
Q I have a requirement to download videos to play offline and came to know about your service. However I am little suspicious as to why you require the page source to be copied instead of the URL of the video page. I am afraid if any Personally Identifiable Information will be available in the page source that you might use.
Can you clarify the reason for asking for the page source instead of the URL?
A The main reason is, if a user sends the URL to our web server, the server itself needs to download the web page of the URL from YouTube and parse the download information. At first we had actually implemented our YouTube downloader in this way. However, YouTube has a protection mechanism: when it finds out there are too many requests to visit YouTube website from a same address, it will ban that address so our server will be not able to download any video. This became a problem when our website started seeing 100+ visitors per day (now our tiny server serves 7000+ download requests per day thanks to all our great users like you!)
Regarding to your concern about the Personally Identifiable Information you mentioned in your feedback, there is a piece of information that can be used to identify a visitor though. It is the IP address of the client PC. It is unique across the Internet so it can be potentially used to identify a person. This is true for KIBase.com as well as to any other website, even when a user visits a website without posting anything, his or her IP Address will be available to the server. The Internet is not built to be truly anonymous, but I believe it is still safe to use as long as we are careful and take enough safety measures.

March, 2014
Q I see that you have a kids dictionary. And that's all nice...But, why would anyone who claims to be "family friendly website" have advertisements about meeting/dating Asian women in its banner?
A We've removed the Advertisement on our Kids Dictionary pages. We didn't expect to see non kids friendly ad on our Kids Dictionary.

Feburary, 2014
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