KIBase have two versions of YouTube downloader: the KIBase YouTube Downloader Web Page and the KIBase YouTube Downloader Windows Client.

Both of them have pros and cons as in the feature list table below, you can pick the one that works best for you.

Feature List

Versions / Features KIBase YouTube Downloader
Web Page
KIBase YouTube Downloader
Windows Client
Work across Platform #
Local Installation Free
Download from video URL
1080p Video Support
Download mp3 directly
Search YouTube videos
Playlist Support
Video Recommendation ##
Maximum Download Speed
Free to use ###
Safe to use
# The KIBase YouTube Downloader Web Page works on all popular platforms, like Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and Linux, but you'll need a compatible web browser to visit the web page, such as FireFox, IE or Chrome.
## Video Recommendations will be disabled by KIBase YouTube Downloader Windows Client when it finds your network is slow.
### KIBase YouTube Downloader Windows Client is free to use, but to support downloading multiple video files in parallel, you will have to buy, or more shamelessly speaking, donate us a KIBase ePizza, which costs $16, to feed your Windows Client. The cost is to accommodate the higher cost inccured on our rented server when you download more videos.

Safety tips to use KIBase YouTube downloaders

KIBase YouTube Downloaders are designed and developed to be safe to use for our users, however, similiar to many things else, some precautions will make safe tools even safer. Here are two tips that we want to share with you:
  • No Add-on!
    KIBase YouTube Downloader web page will never ask you to enable an browser add-on or Java. If by any chance you find that our web page asks you to enable any browser add-ons, our website might have been compromised so please stop using it and inform us via our contact us page.

  • Digital certified!
    KIBase YouTube Downloader Windows client has been signed with an industrial level safety digital certificate. If you see a copy of KIBaes YouTube Downloader Windows client that has not been digital signed or signed by a unknown publisher. Please do not use it. It might be a counterfeited copy of our tools and may contain malware or virus. Let us know on our contact us page, and we will ask the ower to remove it or report it to Microsoft Windows malware data center. Our Windows client is signed with a certificate for Coinc LLC, as below.
Safe surfing and we hope you enjoy our tools!